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Who We Are?

"This is how Jai Ho Started"

"Jai ho" (Hindi: ), Hindi phrase which can be roughly translated as"Let the victory prevail"

This name inspired from the theme song of the Oscar awarded movie “the slumdog millionare” recorded by famous Aussie artists “The Pussycat Dolls”.

At “Jai Ho Indian Gourmet” you will relish a delightful Indian culinary experience.

We bring you exotic and extraordinary regional tastes and flavours of India with a blend of aromatic homemade spices and fresh ingredients prepared by our highly trained team of professional “Chefs”.

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" The taste of India "

Takeaway Menu

Let us prepare you a feast and deliver it fresh to your door. We are happy to help you.

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Order your favourite mouthwatering culinary delights and experience the taste of Jai Ho

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Beverage Menu (Baldivis)

Jai Ho's extensive Award Winning beverage selection to compliment your meal

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Let a loved one enjoy the finest Indian cuisine and great Indian hospitality at Jai Ho Indian Restaurant. Our Gift Cards are available inside the restaurant.

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